Monday, February 2, 2015

Still Alive (Barely)

I am going to spend my youth watching 6 second videos.

Life is the same, still farming the dairy and being odd.

Baby calves are so weird because they're all scared until they see you carrying a bottle then SUDDENLY RAPISTS.

I got a new truck! Soon it will be in my parking spot.

His name is Studley. Courtesy of Sarah.

I'm so excited! What girl doesn't want a big truck? Forget milkshakes, my truck brings all dem boyz to my yard.

Dan and Patrick will chase them away though.

I'm gonna miss my Sweet Pea though! She's a good girl. Yesterday I had to go back to work because I forgot to fill the calf feeders so the poor baby rapists would have had no food. So I went back and the Hogendoorns super long driveway was all drifts so I clicked into FWD and plowed through drifts that were seriously up to my window. It was fine going downhill. But back up? I was going 80 and moving an inch at a time but when I reached the top it was so amazing me and SweetPea celebration danced.
Her dancing was a big fishtail from driveway to road.

Driving in a blizzard is WAY different in a city then the country. All the city lights reflect on the snow so you can actually see where you are going. In the country the headlights blare into the snow so all you see is the snow in front of you.

Then when I got home, I was shivering really bad and this happened.

Dan and Patrick squished me in a fierce brother hug! I've never been so warm in my life.
I like living alone, but living with my brothers is also awesome.

I weird them out though.


I'll chat you up later.

Love, The Paina.


  1. I wrote a comment then the thing told me the comment should not be empty.

    I love your cartoons. :D

  2. They weren't trying to warm you up. THEY did not spend all day in a warm cow barn - they were hoping YOU would warm THEM up.

    Just sayin'...


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