Friday, December 9, 2011


So here's a poem I wrote when I was either 10 or 11 (No idea which.) Feel free to laugh hysterically and make fun of me. I know I do.

The Day The Cow Was Gone! Elena Billson.

Kayla Mathason came outside one day,
to give the barn animals lotsa hay,
when into the stall she saw with eyes,
something that did surprise,
her so much she nearly dies,

A Cow Was Missing!

Her eyes did pop,
Her heart did stop.
She did not know what to do!
she ran to the house,
he ma was ironing a blouse,

"MA! MA! MA! A cows been stolen!"
Ma was worried, Ma was scared,
She then stopped and then declared,
"I hope it's not been taken past road eight
then Pa can catch up and shut the gate!"
So, Kayla ran to the field,
to find her pa to wield
A double barrel shotgun,
Now its begun.
Pa was angry, Pa was Mad,
Pa wanted that cow back bad,
He grabbed his truck and his gun,
He sped down road eight,


What he saw made him laugh,
Because right on the path,
Was the cow eating Grass,
That's That!

Love, The Paina.