Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sixteen tomorrow!

Tomorrow's my birthday. I'm turning the scary age, Sixteen!! Since I probably won't write a blog tomorrow, I'll leave you with a picture of me, and wish everybody but me a very merry UNbirthday!!

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you LATER!

Love, The Paina

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marinelaaaand party time!

Hiyah, everybody!! As some of you might know, we went to Marineland with the Matthews, and yes, of course, it was awesome. And there are lots of pictures. ;)

In The Beast on our way to Niagara. We were dancing, hence the reason our hand are fuzzy.
Becca, Zach and Critter kept hiding from the camera. Pshaw, their loss.
The randon ship by...Lake Ontario I think.

Another lake shot. I was so proud whenever I got it.

On the bridge.
The siiiiiign!! And, I believe we took a wrong turn at first, but then we found our way!

At the gate! YES!!

Scariest ride at Marineland. *Shudders*

The Viking ride! (I was kicking myself at the end of the day, because i didn't take pictures of all the rides! Grr.)
It was empty, so we sat across the boat from one another.

Orca screamer! The first ride I ever rode there.


We were all very terrified.

So very terrified.

Look how distraught we are.

We hated it so much, Nicole pushed it over.

THIS was horrible! It went a speed off 1 mile per hour!!

We begged to be let out, it was so fast.

The woman just laughed cruelly, and sped it up to TWO MPH!!

Bears. Because they're cool.

A bird. Because it was there.

"I've got one leg! JUST ONE DANG LEG!!"

Killer whale. He says "CHEESE!!"

He was awesome.

And he got me wet.

I think I'm in love.

He could swim upside down!

I know he loves me back.

The Beluga was jealous. He loved me too.

The FASTEST ride!! A whopping 1 mph is a lot of speed, you know.

The boring fish ride. It was dumb.

The AWESOME flying dragon. I have no idea how many times we rode this thing.

The funny thing was, there were to adults who couldn't open their eyes, and after like 6 times of being on it I was with ease about not holding onto the handle, which they wouldn't let go of if i had offered them a trillion dollars.

SKY SCREAMER!!!!!!!!! *Shrieks* the most awful ride, no jokes there. I was SILENT. And lots off people know that when I am truly scared, I make no sound. So, as we went up and down, down up, up down, PAAAAAUSE AT THE TOP, down up up down....Everyone but me screamed. (Everyone being me, Tiana and Nicole.) Guess how many times we rode that? 1...2...3..4 times. The three times it was just us three, and at the last Linda came on. Booyeah.

The next best ride (Even though Sky Screamer caused me to lose three lives, it was the best.)

I honestly don't know how many times we rode this one.

"I vill eet your cheeldren!! Bwa ha ha haaar!"

The tea cup ride. Which was fun.

Cept we'd all slide down the seat and crush eachother....

Big huge fish.


"Hello, my love! Don't go with that horrible Killer whale! Be with MEEEEE."

"I will hug you, kiss you, and call you George!"

"Here is your wedding ring. Its big, like my love for you!"

"Ha. That dumb Beluga has no idea. I'm Awesome."
Yeeeah....I choose the Orca.

The Walrus! His/her name was Sushi. Weird.

Dancin' dolpins!

I forget what he was doing....

Blowing bubbles.

Being there.

Mr. Flab baldy bald fat fat.

At first, I thought she was holding a toilet brush.

"Iiiiiii JUMP!!"

"I do too!"

"I Flip backwards!"

"I do to!"

"I kill you!"

"I run away!"

Yes, the are swimming upside down. No, its not photo shopped.

Aaaaaaa swim a swim!

The seals.

Dive dive dive!

I had it on a bad setting for these.

"Flaming shield toss."

"His names Olaf. Olaf. Olaf. He's Olaf. Olaf."
ME!! With a real smile, that only Nicole can seem to make me do when a cameras pointed at me.

The rest of the peoples (Except Linda and Vicky, who had dropped us off by the side of the rode to see the falls since it was a no stop zone.)

Somebody stole the 'R'. The NERVE!

The falls. At night.

I'm pretty sure thats USA right there. Maybe not.

My souvenirs! The walrus I got, and Nicole got me, Tiana and her a little Killer whale.

So, that concludes my Marineland post. :D

Rock on, peeps!!

Love, The Paina