Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who let the cows out?

Moo, moo moo?

Ahem. My imagination plays funny tricks on me.




And this is why I try to keep my day-dreaming restrained when I let my running, idiotic happy cows out. 

Because seriously, they are freaky. 

 That is all for now. 

I'm starving.

I made Daddy toast with butter because I am awesome and it smelled so good it was torturous.

Almost as torturous as my picture of demon cows.

In my defense, Reginald doesn't know how to Moo.

He growls.

It's terrifying.

So maybe my imaginings are justified. 


Love, The Paina.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

If I had my way...

...This is what I'd be doing with all my free time.

I don't know why, but I'm a huge gamer. And when I get started, I continue and pretty much shut down everything except what I need for the game. So I might answer you, but I'm really not paying any attention.

It's quite sad.

But I do that with everything.

Whether I'm drawing, reading, writing, playing a game, working, anything. I don't hear you, and I get pricked when you call me off.

And I hate working with anyone in the room. It throws off my groove.

So, in conclusion of this very short blog, I apologize for snapping, yelling, huffing, and generally being a witch when you call me or tell me to get off.

Paina out.

Love, The Paina.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pictures pictures pictures!

I know it's been a while since I've posted pictures. But you guys can forgive me, right?

                                      Rarity addresses the empty fridge problem quite well.
Mmmmm cod liver oil and mustard juice. Yummy.

Twilight captures my face expression perfectly when it's finally filled.

Playing Pooh sticks. My stick won! *Fist pump*
 All of us lined up on the bridge.

Moms poor stick was last.


Tiana and Linda tossed a big stick in. I didn't catch the splash. :/

The creek! :D

The scary pathway.

 So pretty pretty.

Shoots in my barrel garden!

Annnnnnnnnnnd Tiana.

Linda with her noodles.

And Tiana with a fur hat. Waaaaait....

And ready to go for another walk!


Another creek!

Scary roadway.

Can you see the hidden animal? Can you? Huh?

The pathetic snow.

Linda made a face with big ears.

Skull! D:

I think it's a cat.

Dumb Critter jumped into the mud.


The place where the smart people will cross.

Tiana's foot sunk in.


Climbing the bank.

Tee hee...mud.

Creek again! There's like...several creeks around.

I bet there's pumas in there.

Deer hooves!


There's cougars hiding in there.

There's a wildcat in here too.

The weird moss covered thing.

The rock sunk in quite deep.

I see a door.

We found it...a way through the marshes.....orcs don't use it...orcs don't know it; they go 'round! For miles and miles.....

Walking back because Critters knee hurt.

And because I never get pictures when we go for walks, here's my leg. *Forever alone*

Scary trees.

Scary dead animals.

Scary car in the bush.

Linda gives dumb Critter a pickaback.


A dandelion! :O

We kicked a ball over the wagon.
 The sorcery wagon that appeared.

Yellow flower bush thing!


Hens hanging out by the Caddy.

Drumming on the old fuel tank.

Sleepy Hunny.

I really don't know what's going on here...


*Little girl squeal*
 I want to see it again. And again. And several times more.

You're so Jelly I could put you on toast.
 So Jelly of this ring...."If I was your boyfriend *Dying dolphin sqee*"

Hannah Baby.

  Isn't he ADORABLE?
 Eating grass...

Unamused Kaia, who actually looks kind of amused!?

Jay is singing.
 On the way to David's and Kate's.

On the way home. Late. Giggly mother.


Chick things Mom made for Easter.

More Daffydillys.

And....Tulips? Whatever. Flower Thingy Dingy.

Linda, much more calm now, on the Laptop.



I carved an Island Head. Because I was bored.
And thus concludes my blog. With pictures.

THIS IS MY 90th POST! Only ten more. *Squeeee*

Okay so I'm out.

Dad would like to use this Compy for something.

Bye Y'all!

Love, The Paina.