Thursday, June 24, 2010

You capture: Get down low.

Getting down low isn't entirely difficult for me, since I don't mind getting dirty or laying on the ground. :)

Pretty Tiger Lilies!

Our beautiful horse Kara.

"What the hey are you doing down here?!?"

"Meh. Your weirdness is not worth my time." Gee, thanks Kara.

A rose from the rose bush. :D

And one more tiger lily!

Go have some fun and see more pictures at Beths!


My chess board.

Quinlan told me yesterday, that when they play alone its boring, but with me there it feels so real.

Got me thinking.

The truth is, I use them as my pawns, to create stories. And as I tell them whats going on, and explain briefly what whatever we're battling/defending/running-away-from looks like.

I make a view point for everyone.

Like how Critter is gonna be attacked by a massive spider that's about to eat him.

Or how Trenton was about to be sliced by a orc.

And I put it into the game, and yes, it feels so real.

I get into it, And whatever I am at the time, I actually become.

Like if I'm the leader, I yell and shout encouragements and directions.

Or I become a Ganator (A creature I made up.) And I toss kids around, and bellow, swinging a piece of wood as a club.

It seems very real to me.

I'm still a 10 year old at heart I guess.

And I do love playing with those grand kids. :D

Play on rockers!

Love, The Paina

Monday, June 21, 2010

Once upon a time...

There was a Lady named Elena, And a knight named Sir Jay. They worked together in the far away land of London. One day, Lady Elena was working, and noticed something in a cardboard box. A brown smelly lump.

"Sir Jay, I do believe this is a turd." She said.

"Not likely, my Lady. I think it must be a potato." He responded, coming over to look.

"I don't imagine it is, it seems unlike one." And she backed away.

Sir Jay, however, grabbed a broom and stabbed the object with it. It got stuck on the handle.

"SIR JAY!!" Lady Elena screamed; "IT IS A TURD!!!!!!!!"

Sir Jay tried his best to wipe it off, and we left.

I wonder whether anyone heard me shouting. It would be quite a coffee break story. ;)

Love, The Paina

Thursday, June 10, 2010

You capture: Fun

This weeks 'Youcapture' is fun. And I grabbed the camera and headed outside. Its kinda cloudy today, though.

Anyways, I found our little Jack Russell/Cairn terrier, chasing branches.

She's a tiny runt, and so she tries her hardest, but doesn't get any near those trees. But she has a whole lot of fun doing it.

She is my love, this little girl. And I enjoy taking pictures of her.

"Get it Hunny! GET IT!"

Finally, she finds out there's a ball. The mighty hunter has found her prey!


Love, The Paina

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pointless spats.

This is my baby sister Tiana.

I love her.

But sometimes I am a bad older sister.

Some days I just feel like I have to lash out at someone. Like I want to get in a fight.

And if somebody says something that irks me on one of these days, I get my back up and have a temper over nothing.

I'll say stuff I don't mean, but I want to hurt. I want someone else to hurt to.

Today I did this. Tiana said something, and I felt like she was attacking me. The truth is she wasn't. She was telling Linda a story.

I am a sinner.

But with prayer, I have the strength to apologize, and forgive. Isn't God beautiful and magnificent? Even with our horrible sins and mistakes, He loves us. He gives us the ability to love. He is always there, He never leaves. Sometimes He allows you to make mistakes, so that you can learn from them.

I love My Lord, and I love my sister.

Rock on!

Love the Paina.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Phooey and Birthdays.

I'm trying to figure out how to make my own template. I've been playing around with all the text and things, but I can't for the life of me change it. Help?


Michael-man turned 6 on June second. GACK!! He's so big! What happened to him being so proud about being four? Before I know it he'll be driving.

And Ava is turning 3 tomorrow. Shocker! She's very excited about it. After all, when your three the World is your playground, and you make your mothers crazy by running, jumping, and going near the pool and pond.

Happy birthday too you two cuties!

Love The Paina