Monday, February 28, 2011


Pardon my French.

In other words, Mothers Computer is a piece of junk. I can't download my camera!

Which means, no pictures!

With means, I'm stuck TALKING again!

No pictures to fill up my awkward brain halts, daydreamings, and various screaming-while-committing-murder interruptions. I'll let you guys figure out which one of those isn't true.

While I have your attention, I'll let you in on a little secret: I Love it when Jay needs my help.
Because, He's a beast. And when I first started doing the bins, I could only dump the quarter full ones. So I needed him. And boy, would he GLOAT.

"Awwww, Little Gimpy wimpy needs my help."

He called me gimpy because this is around the time I sprained my hip, and limped.

And NOW, I can dump over heavy ones with confidence.

Because, I can climb into the truck and dump by pulling from the inside, which is ten times easier then doing it from the ground.

And so, when we're working and he's dumping bins while I take a turn pressure washing (Because I'm nice, and faster at it.) And he encounters a super heavy one, HE has to come to ME and ask me for help.

I haven't gloated yet, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't grin every time.

And seriously? How often is it I get to hold something over JAYS head?

I've said to dad, Its like comparing a Jack Russel to a Pitbull in a fight.

I love my big Brother.

He's fo shizzel.

And, yes, people: The rumors of me wearing my hat sideways are true. And the reason IS that when I'm pushing a bin and my hat's straight, the visor hits the bin and knocks my hat off. So, I turn it sideways.

Gold in my mouth, hat turned sideways, PANTS ON THE GROUND!!


I'm bad.

I'm Dirty.

And I'm LOVIN' it!

See ya!

Love, The Paina.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello, Family!

It's family day!

A holiday that hasn't made it to the Calenders yet.

I'll try to make this a GOOD post since my last post was a Major Flop.

But in my defense, YOU try writing a blog with Dan and Patrick screaming at you to get off.


Couldn't handle they're game lagging for five minutes.

On a different note, I am REALLY hyper today.

My dearest family, I am sorry but there are no new pictures right now. 'Cause I haven't downloaded my camera.

'Cause apparently Mom's comp doesn't have memory.

Or something.

I have no idea. I'm just a girl, Tee HEE!!

And, just because I know you want one, OLD PICTURE OF SIFTO!!
He's such a BABY!

Apparently, Mom and Dad want me to go place my Royal Bottom on the couch and visit with them.

And drink coffee.

With Molasses.

'Cause we're out of sugar.

So, everybody, at least this post kicks the CAN of my previous Family day post.

But now, I must get to my Fans. They crave me.


Love, The Paina.

Monday, February 14, 2011

So its Valentines day again...

Yes. It is. However, I don't think I'll write about it. Cause I'm a REBEL. And, heck, a Bad influence too. XD

Alrighty. Lets start. With things I love...

I asked Nikki what to write about. She told me many things, and one of them was how much I love her. >.>

I only said that 'cause I know it'll make her squirm.

I love you two! Tiana, you kill me. Nikki, you know I love you.

I love HER. Kara, that is. She wouldn't quit smelling my hands.

You Dork, Kara.

Because she kills me. That's why.


Me and Rachel. Its time foooor GAY TONGUE CHICKEN!! As Sarah calls it.

Love you, Rachel! Thanks for being my Hairdresser!
Oh yes.
That's how it is.



Hunny. Because I said so.

And she loves me.

Look at his tiny horns!

Such a Dummy. He loves ladders.

"Talk to the paw."

I love Ava, and the piano. When other people play it.

Like Ava.

Here's a whole lot oh Lovin' for ya.

Kaitlyn is DESPERATE to get into all pictures. And Aryanah wouldn't stop moving.

So, Things I love. Oh, and I love all the rest of you too! Don't feel left out!

My heart is big.

There's enough ElenaLovin' to go around.

You know you want some.

I mean, you just can't resist. I'm just so attractive.

So anyways, LOVE today, peeps!

Extra Love, The Paina

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iiiiits tiiime foooor...


*Crowd cheers*

Alrighty. Lets start with Kara.
My love. She's SO worth freezin' my butt off morning and night. And frequently in the afternoon...

Snow! See the tiny snowflake?!

LOVE my camera. LOVE.

Baby Aryanah!

Doesn't the raised eyebrow make you GIGGLE?

Linda. She watches you. ALWAYS watching. Even while enjoying coffee.

Tiana! And Nikki! And me!

Tiana's always out of the loop... ITS TONGUE TIME!

Ava says "Comment on Elena's blog. Ya got that PUNK?"

"Yeah that's right, poopynuts."

I love this pic of Hunny. And that's her toy whale. Her favorite thing ever.

Either then licking Abe's teeth, of course.

Oh yeah.

Gorgeous sunset yesterday.

I've got two others. Of the same. 'Cept different angles.

AWWW! To sleepy Kitty's.
They were all up in the attic today, the demons. I had to climb up into all the cobwebs and bird poop to save them, after JUST having a shower.

I still love them.

I mean, I just take a glance at that picture and I could forgive them for anything.

Well, maybe not everything...

There. That's my Not365. All these are SOOC. So.

I'm off to save the daaay!

Or wreck it.

Depending on how hyper my coffees make me.

Rock on, guys!

Love, The Paina.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Random thoughts.

I like Mondays. Most people bash them, but to me they're just fine.

I love P!nk.

I love Kara. She has a fascination with me right ear. She likes to lick it. Causing me to jump and shudder. She LOVES getting a reaction from me; And wonders at me when I ignore her licking my arms and wrists. Even though it feels like someone covered my arms in a thin layer of wax, I don't mind it.

I love Hunny. And Abe. And Fatty, even though he's wack. I spent forever trying to get good pictures of Hunny, who believes the camera will shine a red light on the ground and she can chase it. So she ignores me UNLESS I have a cork or her toy whale. Then the battles on to keep her STILL. Abe and Fatty give me a look of "Why? WHY are you doing this to me?" And go to sleep.

I love my friends.
Including Nikki. Even though she had the NERVE to force a book on me with false information.
She wants me to cry. I have NEVER cried at a book. I haven't even misted. I'd like to, And I have met books that made me want to, but I have an inability to cry.
I finish it with a flip of the page and a heartless laugh.

I love my family. And the shocked jaw-down looks people give me when I tell them how big my family is. Priceless.

I love photography. I love taking pictures and looking at other peoples pictures.

I love and hate music. Some make me want to scratch my ears out and curse the people that call them music, and some I can rock out to while a write a blog. At the moment I'm listening to Hotei from Kill Bill. LOVE this song.

I miss Linda when she's gone.
I drove in a blizzard for the first time the other day. So far, Linda's probably been the most fun to drive with. No offense, Mom and Jay. You're awesome too!

AND I prefer driving the pick-up to the other two. The Caddy makes you think you're going 50 when you're going around 95, and the van is just so HUGE. It's like driving a freight train.

I don't like people. They freak me out. I am not a social person. Sorry, guys.

Dad raises his eyebrows at me and thinks I'm crazy for not wearing a coat. Ever. But I have a lot of energy. So I move. And when you move, you get hot. So I'm prancing around happily outside in -30 with the wind while dad sits in the warm truck feeling frozen.
And he hates me for it, I bet.

I love being an Aunt. But I don't like being called Aunt Elena. It makes me feel old and senior...I like being Elena. I think the kids prefer it to. Its easier getting tossed off a snow pile by Elena the Paina then Aunt Elena.
I mean, whose gonna say "I got tossed off a hill by Aunt Elena!"? People hear 'Aunt' and think of old ladies. Or at least I do.

I have trouble with authority. Elena is boss. People must do what I want. I'm working at it. But its a long battle. I don't LIKE being like that, but its hard to break out of habits. And I habitually argue.
I'm sure my siblings are ready to sic a MadCow at me.

I like haircuts AFTER I get them, but I'm reluctant to change.

I'm to sexy is playing, and I'm dancing, and Quin called me weird. Nooo, REALLY Quin? REALLY? Who told you that secret nobody knew about?!?!?!

Ahh, sarcasm.

I don't like cooking, but once I start I begin to have fun with it. I don't like baking. Just don't.

I love reading other peoples blogs. I read blogs before even going on facebook. SHOCKER.

Anyways, these are just some of my opinions. I have many.

But now, I must go help the Mother make supper for some Ryan rotters.

Quin says Ryan Rotters are awesome.

Rot on, Guys!

Love, The Paina