Friday, April 29, 2011

April 2011 photohunt!

Time for my photohunt thingy!

Okay, most of these are SOOC, but a couple are edited. :) Can you guess which ones?

1) Animals:

2) Bedroom:

3) Best from April 16 or 17:

4) In Fashion:

5) Lawn and Garden:

6) Lazy:

7) Playtime:

8) Rain and water:

9) Silhouette:

10) Something Tiny:

11) Something huge:

12) Texture:

1: Hunny. That rat dog is HARD to make stay still.
2: My pretty mirror. :D
3: Nikki and Tiana are scary... And gorgeous.
4: *Giggles* Courtesy of Linda. Geddit? In Fashion? fASHion?
5: Beautiful snowdrops.
6: Sleeping Sifto. You'll never find a lazier cat.
7: Dominoes! What's more playtime then those?
8: Water. :)
9: Kara, The best horse ever. She poses. I swear, EVERY time the camera clicked, she changed position.
10: My teeny tiny ring. Barely fits on my tiny pinky. YES, I have teeny hands. >.>
11: 6'7, Muscle, huge JAY! (He volunteered to be huge. Want to impress the ladies, Jay?)
12: Chainmail. WHAT is cooler then chainmail?

So there's my first photohunt attempt! Maybe someday I'll get the balls to ACTUALLY join into the competition. But for now I am comfortable in my weakness. ^.^

And I'm posting this today so that I don't forget to. Even though it's not quite the end of April...Still got tomorrow left. :)

Hunt on, Paina fans!

Love, The Paina.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ode to Sifto.

When Sifto lays down on his belly, he looks like a beached whale.
When Sifto sleeps, he's so cute that I take a trillion pictures of him.

When Sifto purrs, He sounds like a hemi engine.

When Sifto has a bath, He looks so ridiculous I take a billion pictures of him.
Because Sifto is so Picture Purrfect, I have fun with him.

ESPECIALLY After he has a bath.

That's all, Folks!

Love, The Paina.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Edited picture!

So, my awesome besty Nikki showed me how to work gimp. I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of it.

The original picture:

Basically I upped the brightness and contrast and added a verse.

The turnout:

Not too bad for a beginners first time. XD

I'm gonna have fun doing all my piiiiictures....

Adeena: I'm working on the April thing. And now I am figuring out how to edit. THIS. MEANS. WAR. >:}

Love, The Paina.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Curse their eyes.

Okay, so, many of you know I tore a group of muscles in my shoulder.

Those of you who didn't know that are going "Wow, really?" And sending me a sympathy hug.


The Mother booked me an appointment for tomorrow with the Physiotherapist.


I'll let you know why it's gargh.

There's three reasons, Painalets. 1. I hate being touched. 2. I hate being looked at. 3. I don't like people. Oh, and another. I HATE HATE HATE hospital gowns. I mean REALLY? You might as well dress me in mosquito netting.

I'd actually almost rather just deal with the pain.

And I don't like writing out forms. "Circle one: How would you describe your pain? 1 2 3 4 5."
It's annoying because I'm seriously sitting there, staring into space, wondering if the groaning of my shoulder is a 4 or a 5.

Or if my definition of pain is different then others.

So yeah. Don't like them.

I'm going to grind my teeth and suffer through it,though. Just so long as he doesn't try to put needles in me. I can't be responsible for my actions if he does. If he finds himself missing a hand, I blame him. >:}

Signing off; feeling like crap.

And sorry if you don't agree with me and think my head is on backwards. XD

Love, The Paina.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello, loyal Minions.

So, Fergus managed to murder my shoulder.

And, because I have T.P.O.T.N.I. Syndrome, (To Pissed Off To Notice Injury.) I just kept working lifting over heavy bins.


So now I'm typing with one hand. So if there are typos, blame that.

Anyways, SO looking forward to the knights thing. Heck yeah.

I have to go now. So yes, this is a sort blog. But at least it's a blog. Unlike DAD who hasn't posted for a year. So there.

Oh, and I can have tea again! YAAAAAAY!

Love, The Paina.