Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Too true...

A few weeks ago on Friday everyone came over for co-op and Emma and Rebekah were playing barbies.

They were playing on the banister and Emma's were "Falling off a cliff." So the wife held on and the Husband held her feet. "Don't let go!" The wife said. "Its OK if I fall Honey!" The Husband yelled back "You'll get my insurance!!"


This is a six year old.

Makes me wonder since she plays barbies with me and Tiana a lot we taught her something....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just another day of work.

We got a call on the 11th saying the truck (which was being repaired) was ready. So we hopped into the Van and drove two hours to the truck place where we had to wait ANOTHER hour and forty five minutes till they actually finished the thing. The only good part in my mind was the German Shepherd puppy that was there. S/he was so cute.
So once they ACTUALLY finished the truck we headed out for work.

Oh, barrels of joy.

And then at the last stop the hose decided it was its time to go. It burst. Dad told us to go home. We jumped into the Van and drove off; GOING HOME!!

Or so we THOUGHT. After a bit of driving Dad called and told us it was freezing rain so take it easy. We kept driving and Daniel (My brother and the driver) stated "We're driving on an ice rink!" I just said "Yup."

We came to a gas station and filled up. Then we left and came to an intersection and turned right. After a minute Dan said, "I don't think this is the right road.." And let go of the gas. "Oh, well it doesn't matter," he said and gently pressed the gas back on.

Oh dear.

We fishtailed into the middle of the road. (Dan may or may not have sworn.) Daniel corrected it but we fishtailed again. Then we turned toward the ditch. It felt like a bad dream.

Thank God for fast reflexes. I braced my legs and grabbed the armrest and door, and shut my eyes.

All I could hear was thumping and cracking till a window broke on my left side. "Oh no, Dan's dead" I thought, and opened my eyes. We were upside down and I was just in time to see a jar of applesauce miss my head and hit the windshield and a wrench hit the dash board inches from my leg. I shut my eyes tight again till we slid to a stop.I opened my eyes yet again to see we were on our side (MY SIDE!) in the ditch. This whole thing only took a few seconds.

"Are you okay Daniel?" I said.

"Yep." He said. He may or may not have sworn.

He was suspended above me. I unbuckled my seat belt and moved out of his way and grabbed the nearest thing to keep my sanity. It was the rearview mirror. I held on to that thing so tight I snapped it off. "Sorry sorry!" I said in a panic.

"It's FINE." Dan said and phoned my dad. "Bad news. We're on our side in the ditch," he said.

"Dan, can I kick through the windshield?" I asked terrified. It smelled like gas and I was afraid.


I looked at my hand. It was all red and sticky. Crap. I'm bleeding. I thought and wiped it off. it was just jam. PHEW!! Then a pickup stopped and a Man and his Son jumped out and ran down to where we were. I waved at them. They asked if we were ok and if there was anybody else in there. We answered no and they got us out by opening the driver's door. Dan climbed out and I clambered after him. They invited us to sit in their truck till Dad would get there. We did, and more people stopped and we told them we were fine. After a while my nerves were so spiked that I felt like I was gonna throw up. "Can I get out now?" I asked tensely. So Dan and I got out and Daniel told them we were ok and they could leave. We waited by the Van and more people stopped and we sent them away till Dad got there. He took a look and said the van was probably totaled. So we waited for the tow truck and when the tow truck got there we waited for Mom and the cops. Finally the cops came with mom arriving soon after and when I saw Mom and Tiana I overloaded with happiness. Tiana and I danced and screamed "I'M ALIVE!!" "YOU'RE ALIVE!!" till dad told us to shut up. The poor van got dragged out of the field and was gone. Dan, Mom, Tiana, and I hopped into the Caddy and drove home. I gave Linda a huge hug.

I didn't have a bruise or a scratch. Dan's leg was swollen and that's it. We were completely fine. The Van however was totaled and now is gone. I slept like a baby that night. And now, two days later, I am not sore at all.

Thank you Lord.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uncommon as it may seem...

Sarcasm is among us. Yup, it is true. And I happen to like using it, and I also like to joke around.

Most people know this.

But once in a while there is a rare occasion that people can not tell. And in these circumstances.. how do we sarcastic people react?

With more sarcasm.

I am a pressure washer, which in the winter is a horrid job. Freezing cold, water spraying, vegetables flying, oh, it IS fun.

See that? That's sarcasm right there.

And when we get to the dock, usually there is a blast of hot air when you enter into the store. But in one store, that welcome warmth was not there.


So, joking around with Daniel (One of the Brothers.) I laughed about suing because the heaters blew upward instead of downward.


Completely innocent me, walking innocently in the dock, with my innocent brother, was overheard by a Not so innocent random guy. And Mr. NSIRG, had not sense of humour or maybe he did, he just didn't use it.
Have any of you heard the song 'I'm gonna sue' By weird Al Yankovic? I was singing that song. (Beautifully of course.) And Mr. NSIRG stated "I hope you don't sue. You'll lose."

He was dead serious.

So, I raised my eyebrow at him, and proceeded to go to work. I was laughing on the inside. But outside I acted as though he was not even there.

Oh how I LOVE that NSIRG.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its happened...

I've started a Blog. Oh yes, I have. Although I don't have much to say, I can say enough about something. Most people know I can talk a mile a minute when I want too, and dislike it.


Dislike it.


Its no wonder they call me The Paina. ;)