Saturday, June 7, 2014

Stressed depressed unimpressed.

Here I am again, dancing a weird jig and twerking my life away.

Straight to it: I have been enduring seriouzizzle problems at work.

It started with a text.

And ended with a bang.

On the shoulder.

The final straw should have been earlier, but it too the pain in my arm to open my eyes and say "WHAT THE FUCKIZZLE HAVE I BEEN DOING." (It's not a real swearword if it has "izzle" in it. #yolo)

As some of you may know I have been harassed at work mercilessly for 9 months. I have been there for 10.

Basically my co-workers think they are invincible and can do what ever the fuckbizzle they want to me, and get away clean.
My bosses think that I will cowtow and endure it (Which I have been...You have permission to mentally slap me.) And therefore do nothing to protect me.

So on the 4th when the event occurred Mother phoned the police, they came, and I filed a report. They said I could charge the two main perpetrators., or give them a warning. They said what one of them did was borderline criminal. (Just for kicks here's what it was: Attempted rape.)  Although the shoulder assault was what I reported first. (I didn't tell anyone about the attempted rape, because that's awkward and hard to talk about.)

I opted for a warning. That way the two guys wouldn't be asked to court or sent back to Guatemala.
The police also recommended that I report Herman Jr. to the M.O.L. for doing nothing. I hadn't yet.

So the police went to the barn and gave them a warning.

Ooooooh boy this is where it gets good.

So that was kind of me, to warn instead of charge right?

So the next day Herman Sr. Comes storming into the barn, walks up to me, stands with his face 5 inches from mine and screams at me.
"I'M NOT THE BOSS ANY MORE, BUT YOU SHOULD NEVER CALL THE COPS THE COPS SHOULD NEVER BE HERE." And more, but I kind of zoned out for a little and tried to explain myself and he kept cutting me off. eventually he turns around and says "I DON'T NEED YOUR EXPLANATION." And storms out leaving me devastated.

After that Herman Jr. Comes in and says "He is mad about the whole situation. He doesn't know all the details and your perspective sorry. He gets mad about this sort of thing."

And I'm like "What situation? The fact I was getting harassed or the fact I did something about it and went to the law?"

I'm pretty sure it's the latter reason.

Because I have never gotten anything I have asked for there, UNTIL the police were involved. Then suddenly anything I previously asked for was given.

So it's like "Hmm...they are scared shitless of me and rightly so."

After the Herman Sr. incident I got so....irked that I contacted M.O.L. Because why am I protecting a guy that never stood for me or had my back?

And yes. I have the biggest guilty bone ever so I feel soooo guilty about everything. And I will feel this way for years.

But I also want to make sure the Terpstras understand that there are consequences to treating your employees like dirt.

I'm like torn into two here: One side resentful one side guilty.

So, take from this what you will. I need to go to work tonight and could use some serious prayer.

Like, megapraying. For wisdom.

Also while my life has been shittizzle, my sister Heather had a baby girl today who is a little miracle.
So while I've been whining I've also been praising God for her.

Anyways, that's all.

If anybody wants to be my bodyguard I would be much obliged.

Paina out.

Love, The Paina.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Whoa interwebs

As the majority of you know, I moved out of my Parents house recently.
The problem with that is I have a lack of Internet.

BUT in borrowing The Mothers computer I have come back to you. I know you missed me.

Or you are crying and cutting because I am back.

Whatever shears your sheep.

But anyways yeah I moved out of the Parents and into a temporary house in Mitchell with 3 roommates and a teeny room.

BUT NOW I am living in Brussels in a two bedroom apartment with my evil kitten Beatrix Kiddo.

I moved to Brussels to be closer to work. Because a 6 minute drive makes a lot more sense then a 31 minute drive. Fo shizzle.

I got asked the other day if I am at all lonely living in an apartment by myself.

I laughed quite outrageously.

No for some reason I have always preferred to be on my own. When I`m working, or cleaning, or living in an apartment above an empty store for lease, I just like being alone.

Which probably weirds out everyone around me.

Trust me I`m more weirded out then you guys.

In other news, I am working in a barn with Sexist little men who want to treat me like a princess who doesn`t want to get her hands dirty.

You guys who know me know that I Looooooathe entirelyyyyyyyyyy.

I like being alone and I hate chivalry.

I think a lot of people when they are carrying something heavy enjoy when a man or someone runs over and takes it from them.

Not I said Elena.

It`s different if I asked for the help. But if I say ``No it`s okay`` and they literally RIP the thing out of my hands it ticks me off slightly a little a lot.

But anyway enough about me. You look fabulous today.

I got to go celebrate my big brothers birthday.

Peace out!

Love, The Paina.

PS. Probably not going to see you again for a while so enjoy this blog.
Or do the best you can to put up with it.