Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm not dead!

Yeah, I am here. I know, I know, I'm a terrible person who never ever blogs. ~.~

But hey, I'm here now my nizzles. :D

Guess WHAT?!?!

Chicken butt.

As most of you know, I hold chickens in high disdain. Never liked them.

And so, I am evil and devious to them.

Like right here, for instance.


You'd think a creature would hate being buried up to her neck in gravel and sand.

But Mrs. Henny hen hen here?

She loved it. It was like an epic dirt bath to her.

And she only got out of this delicious warm sand because Hunny chanced to come up and see what the hey ho hardy her buddy was doing to the chicken.

So she got the same treatment.

Hilariously enough, Hunny didn't mind it either.

And almost fell asleep. She dozed in it.

I called her and she was reluctant to get out.

The question is, was I kind to them, or cruel? 'Cause they both seemed to enjoy it.

I mean, it was warm and cozy in there.

But, I must go now.

I'm off to bury Critter alive if he doesn't get the eggs. ~.~

Peace out!

Or not...

Raise war!

Now that's more like it.

Love, The Paina.