Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy week!!

Well. I had one great week this week! First off, had a sleepover at my wicked awesome friend Nicole's house.

There she is! (I claim rights over this picture. I took it. :D)
I had a blast. In fact, blast doesn't cover it. Explosion is more like it. XD

It was so much fun! One of the highlights was standing on the round-about with a cardboard sign we made that said 'Honk if you love CANADA!' And 27 cars honked. Also Saluting and bowing to truck drivers. Most of them saluted back laughing at us. And sitting in the trailer watching really old videos. Oh what the hey, the whole THING was a highlight.

Yeeeah.... We're weird.

Next, we came home, went to bed, woke up and went CAMPING!!

I looooove camping. I got to hang out with my Fabulous Family, I got as dirty as I wanted and nobody cared, I got to sit close to a fire, (I'm a pyromaniac, people.) Toss kids around, (Those cousins are solid!) and play hard soccer!!

Yep. I am livin' the good life.

We went for an awesome bike ride. Up hills. My thighs hurt.

We went to fireworks on the 30th too. One of my favorite ones was the curly fries. They were cool. They made whistling noises. :D

At fireworks I took Rebekah to go to the bathroom JUST before they started, so I picked her up and was quickly walking but some teens were in our way. So i waited till the one in front of me moved before I started running and the douche stepped in front of me on purpose and said "Whoops."

I pretty near knocked him over with my shoulder.

Heck yeah.

I go like a train, Baby.

And yes, me and Becky made it back in time to watch the fireworks. ;)

David took me and Tiana to London to help Haley with her paper route. It was fun! Thank you David. :)

The one bad thing was that I'm a dummy and carried three bags of papers at once. My shoulders are mad. Doy.

The second time we went to the beach I took of my glasses and put them in my backpack. But then, for some reason I can't explain, I put them back on.

Then I ran down the beach and dove into the water.


I lost them.

Plus I slammed my hip on a rock.


So Sarah and Linda (Love you guys!) Came down and helped me to look for them.

Soon everybody was down in the water looking. (Love you guys too)

I was super embarrassed and ashamed.

But Tianas lucky toe saved the day!

Tianas lucky toe doesn't bend. Its the strangest thing.

She grabbed it out of the water, I took them and handed them to The mother, and floated shivering with Tiana and Ethan on Matts floating arm chair.

I felt way better after eating soy ice cream. Thank you Patrick!! :D

Then Rachel arrived and asked me to take May for a run down the beach. I was thrilled of course, because I love May. So we zoomed down the beach and I stepped on a stick and smashed it.

Meh. Oh well. Just a stick.

I kept on trucking.

Till I bring May back and realize my foot stings. I brush off the bottom and jump into the Van and we go back.

Well...I found out I had ten little slivers and one big deep one. I pulled out most of the little ones, But the big one is still in there. Darn.

Quin begged Jeff to play a game of soccer: Kids vs Adults. Jeff agreed. I stepped onto the Adult goal, but Patrick kicked me off. (He ripped chunks out of his leg on his bike, I had sticks in my foot. We were the wounded goalies!) So I limped over to the Kids goal.

Good Gravy what a game.

Nate ____Jeff
Quin____ Tyler
Justin____ Linda
Mike____ Patrick
Heather____Sarah (For nine seconds)

Heather and Mike where on our team.

Mike, You're a great defense.

Heather, You're a great midfield.

And all the rest of you rotters on my team, GREAT JOB!

The game tied 3-3.

I was covered in grass and dew and dirt by the end, and my head was smarting from Daniel landing on it when I tackled him to the ground.

So, I leave this week with wounds and spectacular memories.

Roll onward!!

Love, the Paina


  1. Yeah? So?!??

    Aren't you going to say anything about it? :P

  2. I accidently posted just the title... Sorry!

  3. WOOHOO!!! Those 27 honks were amazing.

    You got hurt? AGAIN!!!

    And I love good gravy :D 5 stars just for that!! And for having me in it ;)Lol.

  4. It was a lot of fun.

    And you are an amazing goalie........

    Just crazy enough.

  5. That's better! :D

    Does sound like a fun week!

  6. Did you shower yet? Great post.

  7. Yay for busy fun weeks! :D


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