Monday, January 3, 2011

On Kara.

Today I woke up and decided it was high time to get covered in dung.

Mucking out a stall should do the trick.

After turning off my radio which Tiana had on blast to wake me up, I got dressed in junk clothes and heading to the barn.

Kara greeted me with her familiar nicker, and I gave her hay and told her I'd be back after coffee.

So, after coffee I came back out. She was basically done her hay and gave me a stare of "What the hey took you so long?"

I got out my pitchfork and started at the back of the barn, out of Karas way.

However, seeing as I came back, she figured she'd better tell me all about her day so far.

How she was so happy I had given her her breakfast, How snow was fun to roll in especially when there's mud underneath, And how that DASTARDLY HEN had DARED to drink out of her water bucket and she had given it a piece of her mind.

Unfortunately, while she was telling me this, she had to stand in front of me, beside me, or anywhere that pitchfork was going. She needed to make sure she had my attention, I guess.

I gave her a bit more hay, and she was interested in that. But between mouthfuls she rumbled at me, and once in a while had to get in the way again to look out the doorway.

The funny thing about Kara is usually she has two jobs: Eating and pooping. And she believes she'll do both very well for me. She gets her jobs DONE.

Plus, since our yard is a lake right now, I couldn't use the tractor. So I had to avoid Kara, make a pile, move that pile, and move it once more before I could put it in that manure yard.

Which is a tough job, especially when an over eager horse decides she has to be right next to me.

And OH!! Those nasty hens had the NERVE to walk in her hay. The were quickly moved with a nip and they let out squawks. Kara and I agree on chickens. Dumb creatures.

Finally I got through all of it, and gave Kara a good scratch.

She responded by putting road apples on her fresh straw.

Blast her.

Gotta Love horses.

Love, the Paina.


  1. You crack me up in the best way. I don't miss mucking out the stalls, but I do miss the smell of hay.

  2. She was next to you because she likes company. Give her an extra scratch for me. I miss her.

    Thanks for mucking out the stall. :]

  3. Are they road apples if they're in the barn? ;)

  4. "Today I woke up and decided it was high time to get covered in dung.

    THIS made my day.



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