Monday, February 27, 2012


I promised pictures. So HERE! BOMBARDMENT!!

 He wants a profile picture. SO BE IT.
 Take your pick.

Dag, yo.
 Dan's gonna murder me.

Isn't he beeeeeeee-you-tee-fuuuull.

And he brings up groupies.
 Watching with hungry eyes.

That's right, smiiiile!
 Show off your glorious locks of golden sunshine beams!
 Less smiling. That's terrifying.

The designers did NOT want you to take that out, I swear.

Pretty pretty bath salts.

These chickens are staying warm.

Kara's watching them. If they come near her food, she nips them.


Murdock tried to fit into the boot.
 He's fat and pathetic.

Speaking of which...
 Budonkadonk Sifto.

Now he's depressed.
"I think I'll sleep today. Nah, I'm to sad."
"And beautiful."
He is never upset for long.

 I have to vacuum loads of this. Daily.

 Hunny is scary.

Yet another piano pic.
 Seriously, that's getting old.

Music too?
 You're so mainstream.

I found out today, Unamused Kaia is very depressed.
 Her life is a sad black hole of disappointments.
 She's buried in misery.
 Life isn't worth living.
 She hates herself.
 She wants to die.
 Unfortunately, some of her depression rubbed off on Abe.
 He doesn't want to get up ever again.
 Luckily, Tiana blocked it.

Linda brought it back.
 But Tiana BLOCKED again.
You can't penetrate the non-depression.

Okay, so, there's some pictures.

And after reading my commentary...

This is how I feel.

Except I write it...

So I HAVE to read it....

I think I'm as depressed as Kaia now.


My life is a empty abyss.

I don't want to blog anymore...


Love, The Paina.

PS. I only wrote love by habit.
My feelings are a dark murky pit...

Friday, February 24, 2012


So the trucks busted down again.

The good news is, I'm learning engine stuff and being taught how to fix it. 

The bad news, I somehow always manage to get covered in oil and dirt. And my skin gets irritated and snarls at me.

Then I wash my arms, and put on hand sanitizer, and find out I have bunches of nicks and cuts.

It's awesome.

It's awesome, because I'm out working with my Dad and Brother and learning. 

Even though sometimes the bad outweighs the good, I still love it.

The trucks broke, but I found out what first and secondary fuel cans are.

The stores are full, but I learned how to take apart the fuel tank.

I still don't know what a lot of the thingys are called, but I know what they're for.
I know, I know. I promise I'll post pictures next time.

Actual pictures.

Which may or may not contain memes.

I blame Patrick for my Memeness.

I even talk in memes.

And Tiana doesn't always get it, but Critter does.

It's sad.

Not as sad as Leonard in high heel boots, but sad.

You know.

Alrighty I'm out.

Bye for now!

Love, The Paina.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

I just realized something.

Turns out if you kill a starfish, it will just come back to life.


I also realized, I have only 81 blog posts! This is terrible!

I will reach 100. 

It's my duty as a Spammer.

So be prepared for more mindless drivel and brain cell melting to come.

No pictures today. Because A) I was waiting for a Sunny, Snowy day to take pictures and one hasn't come yet.
B) I'm lazy.
C) I didn't know where my camera was. Now I found it. 
D) I'm lazy.

Although, I could make a quick picture.

 Yeeeeees.....Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Precious.

That took me all of 20 seconds.

I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed.

Probably Ashamed.

How's YOUR Saturday going?

You've probably done something.

Or eaten something.

I should eat something....

Yep. Definitely ashamed.

Well, I'm going to go cry in a corner.

And eat something.

Get ready to read more blogs similar to this one!


Now none of you are coming back.

But I love you!

Okay that's it.

I'm going to leave before this gets out of hand.

And eat something.

Bye now!

Love, The Paina.