Saturday, March 6, 2010

I love 'em all.

Do you know what's awesome? Family. Do you know what's REALLY awesome? When my huge family gets together and we go tobogganing. Crazy fun!

All us peeps went to Mitchell and sledded down this steep hill. There was this ramp that brought tonnes of laughs and cheers. My awesome nephews and nieces have no fear!
They went off it like it was nothing. Michael killed me. He flew off that jump without a glance. Quinlan and Trenton were snowboarding, and BOY did they go!
I tried to snowboard. Didn't make it two feet.
Emma was crazy. She just zipped down the hill. And off the jump as well. Rebekah was hilarious. She loved her board, and man could she use it! She also got run over by a couple of girls but still kept going! THAT is bravery.
And of course Daniel, Jeff and tyler went down on a flimsy tobaggan but Tyler bailed. "ABANDON SHIP!!"
Heather was the Queen of the circle tray thingy. I don't know what its called, but I know I failed at steering it while Heather rocked the thing.
Linda and I Crazy carpeted, and was she ever fast! So was Sarah.
Tiana skied down the hill. She was the master. I tried, and failed.
Adeena was Official picture taker. She ruled that job. Shaw shaw SHAW! *Clicks camara*
Mike was awesome. He went down the hill fast. Rachel only went down a couple times, but when she did she made me laugh till my sides hurt. ;)

I liked the crazy carpet. It was pink. Me and it went off the ramp and crashed many times. We also passed Linda after she went down before. I have bruises and bumps from going off that ramp. I also have sweet memories to keep. I Love my family. I think I'll keep them.