Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sunshine lollipops!!

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together,
Brighter than a lucky penny,
When you're near the rain cloud disappears, dear,
And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine.




Brothers are awesome.

Actually, if I think about it, ALL my family is awesome.

However, Dan and Patrick have bumped the radar on my awesome list.


Well, my good sir, I'll tell you why.

They bought me the sexiest, brilliantest, Most AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING, marvelous CAMERA that I've ever had.

I've owned one before. It was moms old one. The crappiest piece of junk. (Sorry mother....)

I was gonna put a picture up, but Moms dumb camera won't work. *Sighs*

So no picture of my new camera for YOU. Bwahaha!!

So, this post belongs to Dan and Patrick. Thanks, guys!!!

You're so freakin' AWESOME!! And not just because you bought me stuff. Because you are. Just sayin'.

This is the only good picture I have of them together. Sad, really. Patrick, look AT the CAMERA, not at your glorious muscles. Jeez.

Love you anyway!

Love, The Paina.

PS. WHY did I get that song in your head? Cause I'm feeling happy and evil, and it fit the bill. Just sayin'.



    And you'd better come over to show me that Sexy camera of yours. Uh huh. Just sayin....

  2. They are good brothers. I want to see PHOTO's with your sexy new camera young lady. PICTURES. Right. Now.

    My word is hompoo.

  3. Ummm... like, weren't you supposed to send me a picture from said camera?? :P

    Are you joining the 365? Do it!! DO IT!! >:}

  4. Why did you post a post called "test"? And then not post an *actual* post?? :P

  5. Because Linda was trying to figure out the pictures.


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