Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween!! Time for tricks and treats!! And of course, FREAKY PEOPLE!!

Its tradition now, I believe; we go to Sarah's house for the Scary Party!

First up: Me. Mad Scientist.


Next. I thought it was Tiana...but it looks like a grumpy old man...Hmm.

Heidi, this Ninja princess!!

Chicken Boy, Now with frog flavour!

*Sniffs* Thought I smelled something. HANNAH!!

"What are you looking at? It wasn't meeeeh."

I don't know what Jeff is. First thing that popped into my head was "naaaaachooo Lebraaay!!"
He's very red.

Ceiling fan!! Adeena, you must have a boring life...

Tiana is very mad about all of this.

Linda's pretty upset too.

But she'll feel better if you give her a cookie.

Good Linda!!

Ranchers. Emma, Rebekah, And their horses. Ava and Woodster.


Fuzzy!! Its a leaf blower. Why is there a leaf blower in my pictures? Honestly....
Nobodies allowed to touch anything.

Agh! A Samurai!
He will kill you. Till you're DEAD. Right Ethan?

The knight is nicer. Aren't you, Michael?

Heather, the Treasure chest!!
Equipped with Camera. XD

Better watch out for snipers, Trenton!!

I'm gonna sic my ninja at you.
He bites.

Ride 'em, cowgirl!!
Rope it, Y'all!!

Oh no!! Another NINJA!!
You fiend!!

My horse will take you down.

Big game hunter, Eh Sarah? Carrying your previous kill around to flaunt him at us?
Your lions name is Ducky. How quaint.

The Jeni!! How eviiiiiiiil!!
He has the POWAAAAAAAH!!

Link. In his red tunic.
Your a nerd, Critter.

Thats all I have for now. I love Halloween costumes!!

Dress on, Peeps!!

Love, The Paina.