Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not 365...

Since I know I'll NEVER be able to do the 365, (Either I don't take pictures, don't remember what day I took them, or am not allowed on the computer.) I'm gonna do Not365, which is basically posting random pictures whenever I am able. (Sorry, GPM. I have failed you.)

Oh, and all these are SOOC. I have no idea how to work photoscape.

How about some Hunny to sweeten the deal?

The cutest horse ever. No exceptions.

I mean, LOOK at that face!

Linda with her monster hands. I have small hands. Smaller then Mom's. I am SHAMED.

I liked Sarah's eye picture, so I did my own. (I don't mind scary eyebrows. I just GOOO with the FLOOOOOW. Of scary hairy.)

Sifto is the BEST cat. Ever. The other cats if I point a camera at them they run screaming. Sifto poses.

AWWW!! Sleeping, purring, happy Kitty!

Soft kitty warm kitty, little ball of FUUUUUR!!
Happy Kitty sleepy Kitty purr purr puuuuuuurr!!

You friendly neighborhood Photographer SALUTES YOU!

Have fun!!

Watch Big Bang Theory!! (Soft kitty is Sheldon's sick song. XD)

Love, The Paina.


  1. Yay for Soft Kitty!! :D

    LOVE the pic of Kara. Very nice.

    The last pic not so much. :P

    If you right-click your pics it will tell you all of it's info.. including when it was taken. :)

  2. Awesome pictures.

    I have teeny hands too. Doesn't mean I can't use them efficiently. >:}

  3. You're so cute :) Love the eye shot!


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