Friday, April 23, 2010

Where can you do this in high school?

I did it! I have built a deck. Me and Tiana, with Daddyrit coaching, have created a walkway from one door to the rest of the (larger)deck.

A few days ago I had no idea how to use a hammer, let alone a drill. So when Linda asked me to 'Toenail' The boards, I seriously didn't know what she was talking about. [Insert "a...Duh?" face here]

So she showed me how, and I was pretty good at it. The most times I missed a nail (yes, I counted.) Was four times. The least amount of hits it took me to drive a three inch nail was six. Course, Linda could do it in four no problem. :D

Next came measuring where the boards went for the walkway. That was pretty easy, we just layed them down. Then dad hands me the drill, and a bunch of screws.


Okay then....

He showed me how, by "Keeping pressure on the drill at all times." To drive those screws right down "Below the surface." At first I was terrible at it. The screws flew all over the place. But it got easier. Tiana and I took turns driving them in. After a while i went into the garage and found another drill, So tiana started at one side and I the other, and we worked our way to the middle.

After that, We did the railing. Again, Daddyrit showed us how, and went and sat down to observe.

Me and Tiana were a team. She held those two by fours and I drove screws into them.

We failed.

I had to reverse some of them and try again, but eventually we got it straight. Ish.

Then Dad decided to go get the pick-up from the repair shop. So he and Linda ran off in the van, giving us instructions to finish the railing.


So, we did. And actually it was fairly easy and better then the first time. We got it done, and went in for a quick tea. When dad came home we did the spindles. Tiana held them in place (not an easy task) And I (again) Drove them in. Hazzah! The walkway was done.

Then we started to set up the pool. Rachel came around this time to pick me up to babysit, so she helped us to lay down the tarp and set up the durn thing.

And after much blood, sweat and tears (Not really.) We finished it, Dad put in the hose, And i went off to watch the Bells.

Next morning we found out the pool was leaking. *Sigh* Typical Billson luck.

And now its time to take the junk pool back, and try, try again.

And I love to drill. :D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dead trees.

First things first: I'm a terrible blogger. And I'm sorry to all you peeps that come here and find no new blogs.

Okay, so. We have a pool! Its not set up yet, but its outside waiting; Impatiantly I think. The problem is a big old tree has to come down before we can set it up. That big old tree has survived everything that has been blown at it. For years it stood there, defiant in all its rotteness. Then at last, in a huge storm half of it fell off. It also took out the playhouse on its way down. And yet the other half remained erect, mocking us, "Ha. I'm still here. Whatcha gonna do about it?"

But ha to YOU, mister grub filled tree, for a man in shiny armur is coming!

He shall bring a truck of mighty metal, and a chainsaw of awesome steel, and he will CUT YOU DOWN.

No longer will you block my view of the field, no longer will The Mother walk in fear to the barn, and no longer will you jeer at us in your stubborn grossness.

And so, we will have our pool, and you will be cut down to be burned.

Goodbye Old Tree.