Sunday, January 16, 2011

Curse your eyes, BLOG!

You know what SUCKS?!?!? When you can't access your pictures. However, what sucks more is when you can access them, but can't do anything with them. They just sit in a folder and STARE at you while you try to put them on a blog, or facebook, or paint, while people say "Wheres all the pictures you've taken with your GloriousfromHeaven Camera?"

Well, my good man, They're stuck.

On Dads computer.

Which I am forbidden to touch.

So, sadly, No pictures for you till I download onto Moms.

On a different note, I dislike stupid drivers. And stupid bike riders.

"Oh, LOOK! The road is icy and there's a big truck coming! I think I'll cut in front of him, slam on the brakes and turn!!"


Dad stood on the brake so luckily he didn't get crushed.

There are times when I feel like swearing. I never do. But I FEEL like it.

Like when stupid people stand there and STARE at me. And smoke and blow it my way.

And stare at me.

Just creeps me out.

A couple days ago I was at work, and I got freakin' HOT, so I took my sweater off and did the run in a T-shirt.

People stared at me puzzled.

I can understand, because it was -20 out, But I still didn't like it.

I want a shirt that says "Staring for long periods of time could result in a foot to the face."

I'd wear it everywhere.

I am NOT a people person. I will never speak to anyone, unless they do to me.

I'm getting better at answering.

I can do whole SENTENCES!

Rather then "Hi." [Hurries off as quickly as possible.]

I can even joke.

Like this lady was being bugged by the men, and she asks me "Do you have to work around men?"

And I said "Yes, That's what happens when you have five brothers."

And she said "Oh Gawd." In the most hilarious way. Basically like Ursula's mother on George of the Jungle.

Although, I don't like people who THINK they're funny. I never know whether I'm supposed to laugh or not.

Also, I don't like short, nerdy guys.

Not you Jeff.

Other guys.

Guys who say "I'm supposed to be on lunch." And try to speed you up by "Helping" to lift the bins.

"If she can do it, I can do it!!" And he stands there, Pushing with all his manly might, not moving it. At all.

And I have to figure out a way to dump the bin over top off him.

It takes me twice as long as normal, 'cause he "Helps" with every single one.

If I wasn't raised to respect people, I would have screamed "GET OUT OF THE WAY, PUNY MAN!! I'M WORKING HERE!!!"

Its no wonder Dan calls me Herculena.

I probably could have tossed the guy.

He was Sho Small.

And he claims to live on a farm. With cows.

I don't believe him.

March onward, Peeps!!

Love, The Paina Herculena.


  1. You think Jeff is short and nerdy?? :P

  2. Hilarious. Herculena.

    I do larve how men want to help, and then they realize they can't do what you do. *cackles*

  3. "Also, I don't like short, nerdy guys.

    Not you Jeff."

    BRILLIANT line :D Love it :)


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