Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mamma Mia....

Here we go AGAIN.

Why yes, I do like getting songs stuck in your head.

Anyways, today was another ROTTEN day.

Like I needed another one. *Sighs*

Yesterday we started work at 5:00 am, and got home at 11:30 late that night. So I was really tired. Dad said we'd be on the road today at 7:00 am instead of five. So we did, and headed out. The day went pretty smoothly for the first store, then at the second store we ran into a problem.

Or, rather a problem ran into us.

We stopped at a stop sign.

Dad looked to the right, and watching the left to make sure nobody was coming, we turned to the right.

Meanwhile, I was looking at the soccer field in front of us. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a green shirt. I turned to look at it as Dads pulling out into the highway.

I watch the guy biking on the sidewalk at a farely fast speed, he panics when he sees us going forward and swerves onto the edge of the road, and runs into the front bumper.

Holy Fudgecakes.

Dad yells "Are you okay?" And jumps out of the truck.

I sit there with my heart in my throat.

Dad gently puts his hand on the guys shoulder, and tries to help him up.

"Don't effin touch me, ehwhole!!" He screech's at Dad. (Like my censoring?)

"Are you alright?" Dad asks again.

"I don't know, you hit me with your truck!"

The guy stands up, holding his arm, standing on the road.

"Come off the road." Dad says kindly.

"You shut up! Don't effin touch me!"

I was starting to lose my shock, and gain irritation at how he was treating my Dad.

The guy says "You didn't look! Sidewalk rights!"

"I didn't see you, but I did look." Dad states.

"You have a effin PASSENGER!! Why didn't she warn you?"

He moves his arm around. And reachs in his pocket for his cellphone.

He calls 911.

"I was just hit by a truck, the driver didn't look, and hit me on my bike. My arm might be sprained, I've broken an arm before and I don't think if its broken." And so on.

Dad loses his nice attitude now, and goes to phone the cops himself, with the guy following behind him (After hanging up) Saying "If you call them, I'll say you punched me. I'll say your on ALCOHOL!!"

Dad ignores him and phones the police, and tells them a biker hit him.

Guy proceeds to call the cops as well, and say how Dad was calling telling lies, and how he had put his hand on him three times.

By now, my irritation had grown, and also my instinct to defend kin.

I whispered real quiet to myself "Yeah, he punched him in the face."

Somehow, he heard me, and told the police he was being verbally abused by "The mans" daughter.



Jeez, now I knew he was an idiot.

He walked briskly over to stand by a sign.

By this time, Tiana and Jay had finished pressure washing and pulled up. Tiana came over to me to ask what happened.

I told he a biker hit us, and explained briefly the story.

We then proceeded to talk about other things, and our voices were raised a bit so we could hear each other over the traffic.

We talked about cars, cops and how many punch buggies Tiana had gotten.

Then, the cops arrive, and ask Dad to wait by his truck, and talk to Guy.

He limps slowly over, after JUST having walked quickly before the cops came.

He told them his story, and I overheard him say "His two daughters were hurling and screaming insults at me."



NOW I was mad.

Jay and Tiana left to get a head start on the bins.

So I picked up a magazine to try and ease my writhing temper; which was telling me to get out of the truck and bellow at Guy.

The cops went and talked to Dad, then they came to me.

I hadn't really cooled off.

He said "Hey." Softly to me. I looked up from the magazine and he asked me to tell him what happened.

So, rather quickly with suppressed wrath, I told him my story.

He went back and talked to Guy, then to Dad, and Dad hopped into the truck.

"He's not pressing charges, but he might. If he does, he will also get a charge for driving on the sidewalk." He says.

I nod, as we get on our way.

I wonder if Guy will have the gall to press charges.

If he does, I wonder if I'll have to go to court and say my statement.

Then I'll pour out my fury.

Here's to you, whining Guy.

Love, the Paina


  1. You and dad handled yourselves quite nicely. Hopefully this happens to him again, but the trucker ISN'T a good dude. ;)

  2. I can't believe you were so verbally abusive. You should be ashamed of yourself.


  3. The whole time I was reading this I was thinking "He's NOT ALLOWED TO BIKE ON THE SIDEWALK!" It is against London's Bylaw to use the side walk for bicycles OR rollerblades over the age of 14.


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