Monday, June 21, 2010

Once upon a time...

There was a Lady named Elena, And a knight named Sir Jay. They worked together in the far away land of London. One day, Lady Elena was working, and noticed something in a cardboard box. A brown smelly lump.

"Sir Jay, I do believe this is a turd." She said.

"Not likely, my Lady. I think it must be a potato." He responded, coming over to look.

"I don't imagine it is, it seems unlike one." And she backed away.

Sir Jay, however, grabbed a broom and stabbed the object with it. It got stuck on the handle.

"SIR JAY!!" Lady Elena screamed; "IT IS A TURD!!!!!!!!"

Sir Jay tried his best to wipe it off, and we left.

I wonder whether anyone heard me shouting. It would be quite a coffee break story. ;)

Love, The Paina


  1. Ewewwwewewwwweeeeeeeeeeeewweehwefrrajdff

    Just disgusting.

    I can't believe someone would leave that in a box. Ew.

  2. That is totally disgusting.

    Who would leave poop in a box?!?? People are gross.

  3. Love the new look.

    There's lots of homeless in London. They would happily leave their turds wherever they where at the time when they need to unload.


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