Thursday, June 10, 2010

You capture: Fun

This weeks 'Youcapture' is fun. And I grabbed the camera and headed outside. Its kinda cloudy today, though.

Anyways, I found our little Jack Russell/Cairn terrier, chasing branches.

She's a tiny runt, and so she tries her hardest, but doesn't get any near those trees. But she has a whole lot of fun doing it.

She is my love, this little girl. And I enjoy taking pictures of her.

"Get it Hunny! GET IT!"

Finally, she finds out there's a ball. The mighty hunter has found her prey!


Love, The Paina


  1. LOVE that one of her in the air...

    She's phsyco, oh yes she is.

  2. the first shot made me laugh quite loud :)

  3. The first pic is awesome!!

    She IS a psycho. I should bring a laser pointer the next time I come over. :D


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