Thursday, June 24, 2010

My chess board.

Quinlan told me yesterday, that when they play alone its boring, but with me there it feels so real.

Got me thinking.

The truth is, I use them as my pawns, to create stories. And as I tell them whats going on, and explain briefly what whatever we're battling/defending/running-away-from looks like.

I make a view point for everyone.

Like how Critter is gonna be attacked by a massive spider that's about to eat him.

Or how Trenton was about to be sliced by a orc.

And I put it into the game, and yes, it feels so real.

I get into it, And whatever I am at the time, I actually become.

Like if I'm the leader, I yell and shout encouragements and directions.

Or I become a Ganator (A creature I made up.) And I toss kids around, and bellow, swinging a piece of wood as a club.

It seems very real to me.

I'm still a 10 year old at heart I guess.

And I do love playing with those grand kids. :D

Play on rockers!

Love, The Paina


  1. And the grandkids love playing with you.

    Keep doing it. At least until you're forty.

  2. Yep. Till your forty. Now you're stuck. ;)

  3. Heck, longer than forty. Imagination never dies as long as you use it!

  4. That's totally what I used to do for you little people... Lin, Dan, Pat, you, Tiana.. not so much Critter. He was sooo little. :)

    Yeah, keep it up. Don't grow up and figure you're too "mature" to do it. :)


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