Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pointless spats.

This is my baby sister Tiana.

I love her.

But sometimes I am a bad older sister.

Some days I just feel like I have to lash out at someone. Like I want to get in a fight.

And if somebody says something that irks me on one of these days, I get my back up and have a temper over nothing.

I'll say stuff I don't mean, but I want to hurt. I want someone else to hurt to.

Today I did this. Tiana said something, and I felt like she was attacking me. The truth is she wasn't. She was telling Linda a story.

I am a sinner.

But with prayer, I have the strength to apologize, and forgive. Isn't God beautiful and magnificent? Even with our horrible sins and mistakes, He loves us. He gives us the ability to love. He is always there, He never leaves. Sometimes He allows you to make mistakes, so that you can learn from them.

I love My Lord, and I love my sister.

Rock on!

Love the Paina.


  1. Apologizing isn't easy.

    Glad you're learning early. ;)

    Hopefully it's not something you'll have to do often.

    Good post, Elena! :)

  2. Apologizing is for people who are wrong. That's why I never apologize.

    HA!! I kid.

    Great post, Elena!

    I'm curious as to what the story was that Tiana was telling. I bet it was a good story.

  3. Great post, Elena. It's important for us to realize that God is the one who created words, and that we are to use them for His glory. Unfortunately, we use our words for selfish purposes a lot of the time.

    As we grow in grace, and in the fruit of the Spirit (especially self-control), the apologizing and repenting won't have to happen quite so much.

    But I have to say, I still find myself repenting and apologizing. Sigh.


  4. Oooohhhhh.

    What's the story?!?

    Everybody fails.

    That's why we need a Saviour.

  5. I want to kick someone in the face daily too.

    I understand.

    Where's a panda when we need one?


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