Thursday, June 24, 2010

You capture: Get down low.

Getting down low isn't entirely difficult for me, since I don't mind getting dirty or laying on the ground. :)

Pretty Tiger Lilies!

Our beautiful horse Kara.

"What the hey are you doing down here?!?"

"Meh. Your weirdness is not worth my time." Gee, thanks Kara.

A rose from the rose bush. :D

And one more tiger lily!

Go have some fun and see more pictures at Beths!



  1. Beautiful shots! The first one is my favorite.

  2. Love the first shot! And the second shot of Kara.

    Great job, Elena! :D

  3. The picture of Kara is PRICELESS!! Great job! You go, girl!

  4. You're really talented, Elena! Keep on taking pictures! And I'm still waiting for my apple blossom picture. My birthday is in August. :)

    I love the first one the most. :) Tiger lilies are so pretty! Mine haven't blossomed yet. :*(

  5. You need a bigger camera. Hint hint mom and dad.

  6. Wow. These pictures are awesome : ) I love it! Laughed out loud about your nickname from your brothers : ) Funny!

  7. Beautiful Elena.

    You should state that all your pictures are unedited. They are, aren't they? Tell people these shots are SOOC. (Straight out of camera.)

  8. Your first shot is my fav (although I love the captions on your horse pics). Look at that perfect sky behind those gorgous flowers. :) My day lilies should be blooming any day now, and I cannot wait!


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