Tuesday, May 22, 2012


As you all know, Linda is a Boss.

Sometimes, to much of a Boss.

And when peeps get hurt, My whole body crashes.

Actually, just broken hearted and guilty.

Especially when it's partly my fault.

And my brain likes to double double any injury of other's and make it much worse.


And then for me about me it's like "Yeah, my legs cut off below the knee, but I can still walk." *Hobbles on stub*

It's weird.

But anyway.


No being a Boss! It's bad! Very bad!

Plus, you hurt the grounds feelings.

It got beaten up by a GIRL.

Meh. The ground is a wuss anyway.



Linda, I <3 U.
So don't break your face.
Unless...you know...You really want to.
Nothing can really stop you.

That's all.

I think.

I could write more and draw more Boss pictures, but mumzi wants me.

Like a Boss!!

Love, The Paina.


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