Friday, August 27, 2010

Whats been going on lately. #1

Alrighty! Number 1 of whats happening here, or has happened in the past week. (And there was much rejoicing. "Yaaaay.")

We had our whole Billson side over for a family reunion, so we got a Port-a-potty.

I made Critter pose while I took the picture.

Free mint!!

If you've seen 'Madagascar' You're laughing right now.

The toilet. Because I can.
The sign above the toilet. 'Cause it made me laugh, and I can.

And, a flower picture I took for the heck of it. 'CAUSE I CAN!! MWAHAHA!


  1. You're a dork. :P

    The picture of Critter and the Potty is awesome. :D

  2. Yes you can!! ba ba ba


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