Monday, August 9, 2010

Bunch of Dorks.

We had Nicole and Zach over for Critters Birthday on the weekend.

Lots of fun was had!

We took photos. Here are a little of them.

A group picture!

Tango was very shocked at our antics.

Yes... We are strange. VERY strange.

Heres Tiana and Nicole.

Me and my Best Dorksville Teen!

In other news, on Sunday I nearly fainted three times, and I'm sick today. Bleck.

I hate being Bleck.

Bye for now!!

Love, the Paina.


  1. Being bleck is blah. And not very good.

  2. Appropriate title. :P

    Why do you have Tango?!?? He should have gone with Dan. ;)

  3. Tango is cute. I'm glad you've embraced the dork side. It's more fun.


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