Friday, July 23, 2010

You capture: Black and white

You capture is black and white!

I was freaking out, cause I had no idea how to set the camera on black and white.

But I (And my glorious brain) Figured it out. So, here we go! All pictures are SOOC. :)

One of my favorite trilogies EVER!

Chickens. One of these is mine. His name's Ringo.

The PIANO!! Those marks you see are years of love and children.

A strawberry. Cause I can. ;)

Linda with her kitten Murdock.

Mothers letter opener. Its gold. And faded.

Murdock himself.

And those are them. Black and white!

Go see some more pictures!

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  1. murdock is all right! i love cats and he looks like a great one :). i think i like your piano shot best - lots of good contrast there. i enjoyed looking through your blog :)

    please come over and visit my page. i didn't realize the photos were supposed to be B & W, so mine aren't - my bad. but you are still welcomed to visit :)

  2. I love the LOTR shot, the piano shot (it sure tells a story!) and of course the Murdock shots. :D

    Great B&W! :)


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