Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I wonder, is "Hurgh" A word? It's totally the definition of my day yesterday.

Our truck broke down, so we had to get a rent truck.

Which broke.

For some reason.

So we took it to the Ryder place, they fixed it, and we started.

The original truck you dump the bins, put them back and your done.

The rent truck, you take them on, strap them, and leave.

We do this to all the stores till the truck is filled up, then we go to the dump site.

We have to dump the bins ourselves, instead of the machine on our truck which does half.

Dumping thirty eight 400 pound bins is not a lot of fun.

Especially since Jay was felling sick so I dumped twenty three of them myself.

But we finally get done and head out again to do the rest of the stores. A little way down the road, me and Jay smell something like burning tires. So we pull over.

Jay turns to me, "I think we're doomed."

We jump out, and seeing the lake of oil pouring out of the truck.

Jay: "Yep. We're doomed."

I lay in the ditch on the grass, while Jay phones Dad, Ryder, and a repair guy. We get back in the truck and wait an hour and fifteen minutes for the repair guy. He comes, spends like 45 minutes checking it out, phones his company, and tells us he has to leave again. So he goes.

Its an hour for him to go there, and another to come back.

So I go for a walk, down the road. And come back to the truck.

The realize I need to go to the bathroom.

So I go to this Trucking place across the road and ask for a bathroom. A lady leads me into the "Employees" only door and takes me to a closet. "Back there." And she leaves.

I'm looking at all the shelves, mops and brooms and thinking "Okay....I'm in a closet."

I lock the door, turn and walk where she pointed, and behind a box sort of thing is a little toilet.

In a closet.


So, I go, and then leave the closet.

I get back in the truck and laugh and tell Jay about the closet.

Then I try to sleep, but the highway we're stuck by won't let me.

I jump back out and go for a walk down the highway.

I go for almost a mile, one couple stopped and asked if I needed a ride anywhere, and I said "No, thanks."

And then I went back and passed a house where Mennonite kids are playing, and they stop and stare at me.

They never quit, so I hurry by.

And get back into the truck.

An old man who lives in the house right by were we're stuck comes out and offers us pop. Freezing cold pop.

I wanted to hug him.

It was sooo hot in the truck, and our water bottles were lukewarm.

So I sat and sipped my Canada dry, and played M.A.S.H. hang man with Jay.

Finally the repair man came back, and took another 45 minutes to put it back together and fix it.

We were good!

We had stopped there at 2:14, and left at 7:20.

We tried to finish the run, and both of us were starving and tired.

We did all we could, till Jay gave up at 9:32.

So we headed home.

I kept going to sleep, and jerking awake and scolding myself for not keeping Jay awake. So I talked to him as best I could. And the radio was blaring.

Still, TWICE Jay fell asleep at the wheel and we drifted into the middle of that road, and I snapped "JAY!" And he came awake and yelled at me to stop yelling at him. I told him to quit scaring me. At Mitchel, he had to pull into the gas station and walk around.

I then gabbed on about anything and everything, trying to keep him awake and alert.

At last, at 12:00 we pulled into our driveway.

Thank God.

I ate some rice, cause Cat ate my chicken, went upstairs and fell asleep.

What a day.

Love, The Paina


  1. What a day!!! I am glad you were there to keep Jay awake. It must have been so exhausting to sit there in the heat for hours. What a nice man to bring you a pop!

    And then, to think the Cat ate your chicken. Sigh.


  2. Bad, bad Cat!!

    Sounds like a long, hot, boring day. With unwanted excitement at the end of it. ;) It's always "fun" to be the one who has to keep the driver awake. ;)

  3. Ooohhh, mean Cat!!!

    That's a bad day. But, you lived through it. And whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

    So now you'll be, like, super strong.

  4. Terrible horrible rotten no good very bad day.

    But you're home now.

    I bet peeing in a closet was fun.

    You should send a thank you card to the dude for the pop. Google the address. Seriously.

  5. What if you didn't see the toilet....what would you have done?

    Lady: Ummm...what's with the puddle in my closet?

    Nasty day. I've had those before too.

  6. I loved that part about you having to pee in a closet. I agree with Linda. It's a good thing you found the toilet.


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