Sunday, July 18, 2010

And another one gone...

Another one bites the dust!!

Sorry. Nobodies dying. It fits that fact that yet another of my brothers has gone.

Mr. Blinky! Or, rather, Daniel. (Mr. Blinky is my nickname for him. don't ask me why.)

He went to some crappy job at first, with some crazy German guy.

Didn't sit well with Mr. Blinky.

He left that place, with the promise of a job with Matt and Patrick.

He packed all of his stuff, so his desk and room are very sad.

Very very sad.

And therefore, with moms help, I will soon be movin' into the boys room turned GIRLS ROOM!!

For people who don't know, my current room is tiny.

Its the size of my cousins closet.

Its so small.

And the boys room is HUGE. The second biggest room in the house.

I will finally have a place for all my crap 'n' junk!

I'm very excited.

Tiana isn't so much, cause she says the boys room is the boys room.

Pshaw! I scoff and toss my head at you, Tia!

It will be claimed girly, no matter what!

I feel like waving a flag....


Anyways, Goodbye, dear brother of mine who crashed the van and blamed me for it, I love you!

You caged beast.

Oh yes.

Victory is sweet, and so are brothers.

Love, The Paina


  1. Yay for a bigger room!!

    That makes so much more sense, than having just Critter in there. He can have his own tiny room.

    Although, I do see Tiana's point. It has been "The Boy's Room" for ever.

    But I remember when it was Mom and Dad's.

    Wow. Now there is only 5 kids there.


  2. I remember it being mom and dads room too. We've interrupted them many times in there. GASP.

    Now you can make new memories. And keep it clean and organized because you have SPACE!! And paint is cheap. Come babysit two times and you'll be able to buy a few cans.

    You will miss Dan though. I know Critter does. He kidnapped Trenton.

  3. Good plan.

    Except... all the painting we did in that tiny little room!!

  4. Hurray!

    Now I have that song in my head.

    *shakes fist at Elena*

    Oh the pummeling you will endure when next we meet!!!!!!!

  5. So what you're saying is, you're touching all of my crap that is currently in said room? :P

    I remember when it was Jay Matt Pat and I in that room. :O


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