Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yo,My sisters name is Linda,
                                                               she's like oneof7
                                                              Girls that is,  (Duh)
                                                               not boys that I'm countin'
                                                              Her birthday is today,
                                                              She's 24 and mountin'
                                                              So for her birthday
                                                              Imma right a small rap,
                                                              Though I'm not great, (Hey)
                                                              And it might be CRAP!

Yeah... that's that.


I don't usually write birthday blogs...But Linda is too AWESOME to not have one.

Not that any of you guys aren't awesome, But come on.
This is Linda.
She stopped a cultivator with a rib and gave death the middle finger. 
She almost got her hand cut off and WOULD have given death the middle finger but for the swelling...
And let's not forget how she kicked the crap out of the ground. With her face. 
And she once caught Pax when he was kind of fainting because he was choking...That's a horse. Like, over 1,000 pounds.

And there's other things but I can't think of them at the moment. 


                                                     Teeny Tiny me and Tiny Linda.

Which I've posted before. But there are hardly any pictures of me and Linda. Linda and I.

                                                                    Here we are!

                                                                 First we were like:
Then we were all:

                                                                But then, we LOLz.

Kind of terrifying.

Just slightly.


So like...Linda is cool and stuff.

And stuff.

As cool as Avenger Ponies.

No, cooler.

Because she watches Ponies with me sometimes.

So super cool.

In 10 seconds flat.


Happy Birthday Linda!!

I knew I was going to switch to mindless at some point. Here is the point.

Well, that's all for now.

FOR NOW. Mwaha....ha.....HAHAHAHHAHAAA!!


Bye now.

Love, The Paina.


  1. BAwaahahhaaaaa! I love the guns.



    Just wondering.

  2. That is the most epic pic Ever! You can decide which one I mean.

    Harpy Biiiiiiiirfffdu Lindalu! 24 is so Young!

  3. Bwahaha, now I want a suit. And a gun.

    Thanks for writing me a birthday post. I feel so special! Two posts about me within the past month! *Sniff*


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