Monday, February 14, 2011

So its Valentines day again...

Yes. It is. However, I don't think I'll write about it. Cause I'm a REBEL. And, heck, a Bad influence too. XD

Alrighty. Lets start. With things I love...

I asked Nikki what to write about. She told me many things, and one of them was how much I love her. >.>

I only said that 'cause I know it'll make her squirm.

I love you two! Tiana, you kill me. Nikki, you know I love you.

I love HER. Kara, that is. She wouldn't quit smelling my hands.

You Dork, Kara.

Because she kills me. That's why.


Me and Rachel. Its time foooor GAY TONGUE CHICKEN!! As Sarah calls it.

Love you, Rachel! Thanks for being my Hairdresser!
Oh yes.
That's how it is.



Hunny. Because I said so.

And she loves me.

Look at his tiny horns!

Such a Dummy. He loves ladders.

"Talk to the paw."

I love Ava, and the piano. When other people play it.

Like Ava.

Here's a whole lot oh Lovin' for ya.

Kaitlyn is DESPERATE to get into all pictures. And Aryanah wouldn't stop moving.

So, Things I love. Oh, and I love all the rest of you too! Don't feel left out!

My heart is big.

There's enough ElenaLovin' to go around.

You know you want some.

I mean, you just can't resist. I'm just so attractive.

So anyways, LOVE today, peeps!

Extra Love, The Paina


  1. I really was joking about the 'How much you love me' thing. And you're right...It's not an awkward situation for me =.= I love the one of you and Kara XD

  2. I love the one of Murdock on the ladder!! XD

    Elenalovin'?!? I'm not sure we're ready for that... :P

  3. Tongue Chicken. he he he.

    I'm so glad you're you. <3

  4. I Like the Murdock paw one too. Very cool.

    You are a dork.


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