Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello, Family!

It's family day!

A holiday that hasn't made it to the Calenders yet.

I'll try to make this a GOOD post since my last post was a Major Flop.

But in my defense, YOU try writing a blog with Dan and Patrick screaming at you to get off.


Couldn't handle they're game lagging for five minutes.

On a different note, I am REALLY hyper today.

My dearest family, I am sorry but there are no new pictures right now. 'Cause I haven't downloaded my camera.

'Cause apparently Mom's comp doesn't have memory.

Or something.

I have no idea. I'm just a girl, Tee HEE!!

And, just because I know you want one, OLD PICTURE OF SIFTO!!
He's such a BABY!

Apparently, Mom and Dad want me to go place my Royal Bottom on the couch and visit with them.

And drink coffee.

With Molasses.

'Cause we're out of sugar.

So, everybody, at least this post kicks the CAN of my previous Family day post.

But now, I must get to my Fans. They crave me.


Love, The Paina.


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