Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iiiiits tiiime foooor...


*Crowd cheers*

Alrighty. Lets start with Kara.
My love. She's SO worth freezin' my butt off morning and night. And frequently in the afternoon...

Snow! See the tiny snowflake?!

LOVE my camera. LOVE.

Baby Aryanah!

Doesn't the raised eyebrow make you GIGGLE?

Linda. She watches you. ALWAYS watching. Even while enjoying coffee.

Tiana! And Nikki! And me!

Tiana's always out of the loop... ITS TONGUE TIME!

Ava says "Comment on Elena's blog. Ya got that PUNK?"

"Yeah that's right, poopynuts."

I love this pic of Hunny. And that's her toy whale. Her favorite thing ever.

Either then licking Abe's teeth, of course.

Oh yeah.

Gorgeous sunset yesterday.

I've got two others. Of the same. 'Cept different angles.

AWWW! To sleepy Kitty's.
They were all up in the attic today, the demons. I had to climb up into all the cobwebs and bird poop to save them, after JUST having a shower.

I still love them.

I mean, I just take a glance at that picture and I could forgive them for anything.

Well, maybe not everything...

There. That's my Not365. All these are SOOC. So.

I'm off to save the daaay!

Or wreck it.

Depending on how hyper my coffees make me.

Rock on, guys!

Love, The Paina.


  1. LOVE the snowflake pic!! :D Too cool. :giggle:

    Why is there "tongue time"? There should never, ever be "tongue time". Ever. :P

    Aryanah is too huge.

  2. Very nice pics.

    You have BAD kitty's.

    And a psycho Hunny.

  3. YOU CRAWLED IN THE ATTIC!! Didn't you hear who lives up there?? *squish bump, squish bump, squish bump*

  4. WOOHOO :D Guest appearences in Elena's blog FTW.

    Snowflake one = AMAZINGNESS.


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