Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hazzah fooor

GUESS WHAT?!?!? Daddyrit, my lovely Fadder, Downloaded mine CAMERA! And taught me how to get AT them!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!

So. Here's a series of black and white I took.

Critter. He's TRYING not to laugh as I tell in detail what I'll do to him if he doesn't co-operate.

Evil meanie.

TIIIIIIANA! She was ALMOST as hard as critter to get to stay still.

"No, hand HERE. Look down. Up a little. To the leeeeeft...."
I'm a jerk when it comes to posing for pictures.

Critter again.

*Smack smack* STAY STIIIILL!!

Me. Gotta have a self portrait in here.
Check out my RINGS! [Insert girly laugh here]

Nikki! I actually really like this one...
She was trying to HIDE. And I GOT HER! AH HA!So, who likes my SOOC black and white?


Huh huh?!

I happen to love B and W.

So yeah.

I'm not Racist against Racist pictures.

Linda, you know what I'm talking about.


Anyways, Have fun guys!

And...take pictures!

And don't follow my example of writers block while writing blogs.

It's revolting.

Like my brain went to a soupy glop of blobtastic jelly.

Rock on, Fellowship!!

Love, The Paina.


  1. Love the pic of Nikki! Very cool.

    Rockin' self portrait as well.

    And Tiana has wicked awesome hair, and Critter's a dork.

  2. These are so pretty!!! I am also a jerk when it comes to video/pictures. I always feel bad later but...pictures good so it's all good :D

    For a random click-and-me-trying-to-hide-because-i'm-in-my-pjs-with-no-makeup-and-bedhead it's actually pretty good :D Haha :)

  3. That picture of Nikki I like it way mucho.

    The first one of Critter I can barely see him... that's one you might want to tweak in a picture editor, just up the brightness and contrast or something like that.

    Likey your self portrait.

    Likey the one of Tiana.

    And poor Critter, smacking him. No wonder he looks so despondent. :(

  4. Smack away. One of the perks for being older than someone else.

    Excellent pictures.


  5. Love the pic of Nikki. :D

    And the selfie isn't bad.


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