Saturday, May 1, 2010

S'death to caterpillars!!

Me, Stewart and Ava where wandering outside today, looking at all things that are spring. Flowers, bright green grass, apple blossoms.....WAIT A MINUTE!!

Gross, ugly caterpillar nests!

I broke of the end of the branch and smashed it with a rock. "EWWWWW!!" Ava and Stewart said in unison. "Look here." I said and squished one with my thumb. This got another chorus of ews, but Stewart had to try it to.

He got a little twig and wrecked havoc on them. I grabbed another one and gave it to Stewart. Ava screeched. "Don't worry Ava." Stewart said soothingly. "They won't hurt you. CAUSE I'M GONNA CRUSH THEEEEEM!!!!" And he jumped on them laughing maliciously.

I've created a monster. >:}


  1. Yes, yes you have.

    Yay for spring tent caterpillar hunts!! :D

  2. I'm an so very greatful you watched them tday for me.

    And Ava is terrified of all bugs. This just might help her get over her fear.....

    But I highly doubt it;D

  3. we saw that out granny s window!!!

  4. Just wait until he moves on to the bigger and squishier things.

    Thanks E.


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