Monday, May 17, 2010

More pictures!!

First off, THIS crazy guy turned 10 yesterday. GACK!! I remember him tagging along behind me on the floor when he was a baby! Ew.

Happy Belated Birthday Quinlan!!

I actually really like this one. That barn is olllld. Really old and cold and full of mould. ;)

To clear things up, I took this before I knew GPM had. :P

I love these flowers. They come every year and they're so pretty!

More blossoms. (BTW Sarah, you can have my blossom picture. :D)

Thanks for reading!
The Paina.


  1. What, the pic of the tulips? Everyone should take pictures of yellow tulips, 'cause they're awesome! :D

    I love your sunflare barn pic! Very very nice.

  2. OOOOH! SO PRETTY!!! My faves the tulip one :D

    You've inspired me to take some pictures. Tomorrow. Because it's really dark now...:/ :D

  3. Awesome, Elena. Some gorgeous pictures there.
    You should enlarge them... 'cause they're too pretty to be small.

    Keep it up, you'll make a great photographer some day.


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