Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hunger games

Okay, so, lots of Hunger games controversy.


So, I've decided to write a blog about it, because everybody seems to be doing it.
I may have a point, or, it may all be hokum. You can decide and let me know. :D

First off, I loved the books and the movie.

There's a lot of things I can relate to with Katniss.

And yes, the choices are "What's bad and what's worse....I'll choose this one." But it's a story. A good one.
If it was "My choices are kill this hot dude I have a crush on, or live free and happy and marry him and eat cake?" I don't think I'd read it. I mean, the choices aren't hard at all.
I just don't think it would be a fascinating read that pulls you in.

But since  the hunger games is "Fight or flight" it's really addictive.

So yes, it's an awful, bloody, gory read. But it's a great story.

People think it will lead kids to violence. I disagree. The only way it could would be if that sin was already in your heart. You could then blame it on the book, like some people do when they can't except the fact that this was already something they were struggling with.

Like, for instance, Me.

I'm very violent-prone.Not to the fact that I start fights, but I end them. (This doesn't includes family matters.)
I have a strong sense of Self-preservation.
It's one of the reasons when I was little I wasn't to be bullied. Neither were any of my family.
Once, at Bethel Bible church, I was standing in line for something. I was probably 6 or 8 at the time.
There was a boy behind me in the line that thought "Hey, this little girl in front of me looks good to be picked on." (As many of you know, I was a very short kid.) So he proceeded to kick me in the back of the legs, and on my bottom. I ignored him, and he started to do it harder. So I turned around and politely (also grudgingly) asked him to stop. He nodded, and as soon as my back was turned he began again with renewed vigour, and it hurt a lot.
BOOM that was the last straw. I whipped around fast as I could and punched him in the stomach with all my strength. (Small as it was.)
He fell  down whining, the teacher caught THAT of course, and we had to sit in chairs far away from each-other. And (Sinfully) I gloated. The boy didn't tell the teacher what happened (Embarrassed, I'd guess.)
So. There's a story I've hardly told anyone.

Also Ben Baker, who punched Tiana in the chest. When she told me, I immediately took action.
I went up to that boy and I said "Punch my sister again, and I'll kill you." (Sin sin sin.)
So he punched me in the chest. Then I took a step toward him, and he ran. He never bothered Tiana or me again.

There's also the time I stood up to 6 bullies who ran for cover, but I'm pretty sure I've told that one before.

My point is, I don't care if you're half my size of twice my size, If you prick at me or any of my kin, I'll try my best to protect them and kick your @$$. (Tee hee swearword.)

Do I blame my violence on books or movies? No. This is my own sin nature.

When Katniss volunteered for Prim, I hope if such a matter came up I would have the strength to do that, and not quail in the background.

It someone captured a family member or friend and tried to kill them, I wish I had the strength to do protect them with all I am.

Would it be awful? Yes.
But what would be more awful to me? Standing aside because killing is against the Commandments.

Let that boy keep kicking me, or knock him down?
For me, knock him down.

Other people might turn the other cheek, and they're probably stronger then me that way.

Like I said, It's a STORY. It's not a life guide,  it's something to read.

Heck, we could take any book or movie, take something from it that the author wasn't trying to get across, and condemn the book/movie. People do it all the time.

I actually had reservations the first time Nikki told me I should read the books. What she described sounded awful to me. And yes, it is. But once you read it, and you find how bad the capitol is, and how the districts want to overthrow it, it's a great book.

It reminded me of Moses, actually. The first time I read it.
Because the districts lost their kids, and it reminded me of how awful it was when all the first born sons died.
I'm not saying God was the Capitol, I'm saying there are horrors in everything you read.

It doesn't mean I'm going to forsake the bible, or say "Hey, there's violence and bad choices in here! BOYCOTT IT."

And Neither will I not read fantasy STORIES or stop writing them.

(Not that stories compare to the bible, I'm just making a point.)

I know I'm jumping all around, but this is how I argue. XD

I'm not saying don't hate the Hunger games, you can if you want. Just don't force "It's bad bad bad" down the throat of people who love it.

And yes, as a Christian you should read it with God in mind.

But as I've said many times, I almost always DO read it with a Christian head.

It's why when a book gets bad I quit reading it.

But if it has a redeeming factor I will continue it.

Such as, The Hunger Games.

And trust me, I've read waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse. Blood and guts and details.

Anyways, that's some of my jumbled messy thoughts.

Please don't make me read any more reviews...

Because seriously, witches be crazy.

And I admit, I'm pretty crazy too.

Also, I'm not trying to offend anyone. These are just my thoughts.

If you find my thoughts offending, we have something in common. XD XD

Anyways, I'm done for now.

Sorry for the fumbling bunk.


And may the odds be ever in your favour. 

Love, The Paina.

PS. I want to read The Hunger games again.


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