Friday, April 29, 2011

April 2011 photohunt!

Time for my photohunt thingy!

Okay, most of these are SOOC, but a couple are edited. :) Can you guess which ones?

1) Animals:

2) Bedroom:

3) Best from April 16 or 17:

4) In Fashion:

5) Lawn and Garden:

6) Lazy:

7) Playtime:

8) Rain and water:

9) Silhouette:

10) Something Tiny:

11) Something huge:

12) Texture:

1: Hunny. That rat dog is HARD to make stay still.
2: My pretty mirror. :D
3: Nikki and Tiana are scary... And gorgeous.
4: *Giggles* Courtesy of Linda. Geddit? In Fashion? fASHion?
5: Beautiful snowdrops.
6: Sleeping Sifto. You'll never find a lazier cat.
7: Dominoes! What's more playtime then those?
8: Water. :)
9: Kara, The best horse ever. She poses. I swear, EVERY time the camera clicked, she changed position.
10: My teeny tiny ring. Barely fits on my tiny pinky. YES, I have teeny hands. >.>
11: 6'7, Muscle, huge JAY! (He volunteered to be huge. Want to impress the ladies, Jay?)
12: Chainmail. WHAT is cooler then chainmail?

So there's my first photohunt attempt! Maybe someday I'll get the balls to ACTUALLY join into the competition. But for now I am comfortable in my weakness. ^.^

And I'm posting this today so that I don't forget to. Even though it's not quite the end of April...Still got tomorrow left. :)

Hunt on, Paina fans!

Love, The Paina.


  1. Great photos, Elena. You are talented!

  2. So, are you going to put your link into the list?? Do it! :D

    I really like your domino shot. :)

  3. Some really amazing shots.

    And I have to say the fashion one had me stumped. I'm like....does E really not know what fashion is????? I HAVE FAILED. :(


  4. Those are so good :D :D :D

    I like them. Very much so.

  5. I was going to tell you my favourites..... but really, I like them all. Kara one is beautiful, though....


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