Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dead trees.

First things first: I'm a terrible blogger. And I'm sorry to all you peeps that come here and find no new blogs.

Okay, so. We have a pool! Its not set up yet, but its outside waiting; Impatiantly I think. The problem is a big old tree has to come down before we can set it up. That big old tree has survived everything that has been blown at it. For years it stood there, defiant in all its rotteness. Then at last, in a huge storm half of it fell off. It also took out the playhouse on its way down. And yet the other half remained erect, mocking us, "Ha. I'm still here. Whatcha gonna do about it?"

But ha to YOU, mister grub filled tree, for a man in shiny armur is coming!

He shall bring a truck of mighty metal, and a chainsaw of awesome steel, and he will CUT YOU DOWN.

No longer will you block my view of the field, no longer will The Mother walk in fear to the barn, and no longer will you jeer at us in your stubborn grossness.

And so, we will have our pool, and you will be cut down to be burned.

Goodbye Old Tree.


  1. Hey man, don't disrespect the tree. That tree was awesome in it's day, we had our treehouse out there and I spent a lot of time in that tree writing, drawing or just thinking thoughts.

    Let it die with dignity. Don't go dancing around it like a wild man when it finally gets cut down.

  2. ^ What she said.

    We worked hard to make a tree house in it.

    I, for one, will miss it when it's gone. Lots of memories.

  3. Yeah, but she's right about the Mother fearing it as she walks to the barn. The Mother has visions of the old tree crashing down unexpectedly, squishing dozens of little kids and big dogs.

    I'm sad that it's going.

    I'm happy that it's going.

    Call me crazy.

  4. I NEVER, NEVER was allowed in that big treehouse. If I set foot in it I got spanked. So therefore all that tree was to me was a gross muddy thing in front of my window.

    And I did dance on it when it fell down. ]:}


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