Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uncommon as it may seem...

Sarcasm is among us. Yup, it is true. And I happen to like using it, and I also like to joke around.

Most people know this.

But once in a while there is a rare occasion that people can not tell. And in these circumstances.. how do we sarcastic people react?

With more sarcasm.

I am a pressure washer, which in the winter is a horrid job. Freezing cold, water spraying, vegetables flying, oh, it IS fun.

See that? That's sarcasm right there.

And when we get to the dock, usually there is a blast of hot air when you enter into the store. But in one store, that welcome warmth was not there.


So, joking around with Daniel (One of the Brothers.) I laughed about suing because the heaters blew upward instead of downward.


Completely innocent me, walking innocently in the dock, with my innocent brother, was overheard by a Not so innocent random guy. And Mr. NSIRG, had not sense of humour or maybe he did, he just didn't use it.
Have any of you heard the song 'I'm gonna sue' By weird Al Yankovic? I was singing that song. (Beautifully of course.) And Mr. NSIRG stated "I hope you don't sue. You'll lose."

He was dead serious.

So, I raised my eyebrow at him, and proceeded to go to work. I was laughing on the inside. But outside I acted as though he was not even there.

Oh how I LOVE that NSIRG.


  1. You? Innocent? BWAHAHAHAHAHAA!! *wipes tear from eye* Oh you kill me!

    Funny story =]

  2. Yes Drama Muffin. TOTALLY innocent.

    Why thank you Rachel, but it sometimes is annoying. ;D ;D


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